Attention Parents/Guardian(s)!

Dear Parents/Guardian(s)

Please see attached important School Governing Body election forms for your attention.

The Aloe High School Alumni ploughs back!

The Alumni of Aloe High school all motored together and worked tirelessly towards aiding the learners at Aloe High school with their required stationery.

Covid-19 suddenly came upon us and in turn created great loss for many families; be that the loss of a loved one, the loss of jobs and even the loss of a certain lifestyle.
Parents were placed in moments of anxiety in that they did not know which way to go with the start of the new academic year and their child/ren needing stationery.

The Aloe high Alumni worked together and blessed our school and the learner’s with beautiful stationery packs.

Aloe High school would like to thank the Alumni for what they have done. Thank you for your kind-heartedness and generosity. Thank you for ploughing back into the community and helping our learner’s who are in need. Your gesture has brought a relief to many parents and excitement to the learners.

The school appreciates your work and effort. May God bless you above and beyond with double that which you have given.

The staff of Aloe High School.


Dear matriculants of 2020,

Your academic results will be released on Tuesday, 23 February 2021. Please collect your results at school between 12:00 -13:00.

Note: There will be a normal school day for grades 8-12 learners. Please adhere to the times provided to avoid disruption of the school day.

Whatever your results may be, remember that you pushed through during an extremely challenging academic year (COVID-19), hat’s off to you!